More and more people are picking up the pen or taking to the computer to write. We've seen a steady increase in blogs, zines, and books being published through traditional methods and through the growing world of self publishing. We all have a story to tell. But telling that story, getting our words down, often feels intimidating.

Have you ever sat down to begin your writing and found yourself stuck? You walk away from it thinking that perhaps if you read what others have to say it may inspire you. Sometimes it does while other times it serves as a stark reminder of what you seem unable to accomplish. Have you purchased new journals and pens, writing prompts, and/or writing instruction books with the hopes that your voice will find its way onto the page? You are not alone.

Over the years I have had these same experiences and I have listened to others grapple the same frustrations. Writing is not as simple as putting pen to paper- we have to first know and understand our writing voice and how we prefer to write.  

Discovering your own natural writing talents and facing off your challenges is what this email series is all about. How do you discover your strengths and challenges? By first understanding who you. By utilizing Jung's theory on personality with the MBTI® assessment you gain insight into your personality preferences which opens up a new way of examining your writing. This email series focuses on:


This email series is delivered to your inbox 2-3 times weekly over the course of a month. Why not all at once? Because if you are like me when provided a hearty serving all at once, you'll dig in for a few days before getting distracted- creative types tend to do that :)  

A fresh email arriving in your inbox over the course of a month is designed to keep you moving.

You do have some options though! The MBTI® is a formal personality assessment that can only be administered by a certified professional (variations of the true assessment are available on the web, some are solid knock off's, others not so much) Because knowing your personality type is key to this process, you can determine your type by


Reading through the overview of the personality types provided in the email series and take a solid guess at your type.


Complete the formal assessment online and I will provide you with official results and an interpretive report.

Either option will serve to guide you on the path to writing your way!

Write On