wordless wednesday ~ shared solitude


together they stand, stoic
seemingly unphased by their current state of dilapidation
or perhaps they've quietly resigned themselves to their fate
…weathered and forgotten
the hollowed windows sullenly await the return of church goers
while an unimpressive tree inadvertently offers companionship through the years
there is no doubt they were once a hub of human emotion
bearing witness to baptisms, weddings and funerals
providing shade from a riotous desert sun for Sunday afternoon picnics
I can't help but wonder where the people went, was it an abrupt departure or planned
it's of no matter though, this ragged duo will continue to hold their peaceful demonstration
they'll continue this still dance of solitude for a lifetime to come
the church, constructed of flawed man made materials, will give way first
rendering it's barked companion a widow of the desert
she'll continue to stand alone, keeping vigil over what remains
while she dreams of far off places, lamenting gently in an arid breeze 
"if only my shadow would get up and follow me."

*originally posted 8/12