I love documenting life, the big events, the joyful occassions, the gravely bits and the daily minutia. There are so many stories that surround us each day, each posessing their unique blend of beauty.


Last year I launched a new literary publication titled The Studio Voice. I'm excited about this indie publications growth and hopeful for what's to come.


I focus my lens on many of the details of my life. I share those visual stories each week

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I also enjoy sharing the varying photography projects that I engage in, it's a way to continue to develop my skills and document life. 100 faces is one of those projects, my goal is to capture 100 faces, always in black and white and never the same face twice.

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I love using words and images to access those deep spaces where we are all tethered to one another,  to connect through our common experiences and emotions. We are more alike than we are different.

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