his super hero powers

this kid needs his own theme song

If you’ve hung around here for any length of time you are probably aware that I focus a lot on the details of life, the joyful, exhausting, bittersweet, funny, thrilling and boring days of our lives. These moments are the threads that when woven together create the tapestry of our lives.

Today I’d like to pluck one of those threads and share with you a little about my 4-year-old boy.

I am a firm believer that we all have our unique superpowers; they aren’t reserved just for men wearing capes and speedos over tights :)

I’m talking about those strengths that just come natural to us, whether it’s math, sewing, photography, running etc. When we do it, we make it look easy. One of the true joys of parenting is watching your children’s super hero powers emerge and even better, watching them discover their own strengths and feeling confident as a result…..that was before my 4 year old cultivated what is quite possibly the most honed super hero power that has ever been in existence….his will.

 My son has the strongest will of anyone I have ever met….ever….his favorite past time is thinking up things for me to do….you know, he has to maintain those powers right?

Recently, after being worn to a complete frazzle, I sat in my bed attempting to regroup, gather, recharge, and claim some amount of sanity that lingered and reflected on my numerous defeats throughout the day. This may be a good time to share with you that his other superhero power…he’s charming….damn it! I’m defenseless.

Anyway, I sat there getting my wits about me, wondering if this is what soldiers do after a long day of battle, regroup, assess the arsenal, review the battle plan, and come up with new tactics for the next day. It’s important to know when you’ve been defeated so that you can craft a new approach….anyway, I began to wonder if it is just me, am I especially vulnerable to these powers of his because, well, he’s mine? I decided that it’s not just me, as a matter of fact, I’m am wildly convinced that 99% of the population would be defenseless around this strong willed little man. I began to brainstorm a list to illustrate to you just how talented he is at exerting his will over his environment and anyone in it, here is what I came up with:

1.     He could talk the Pope out of his red Prada’s

2.     Superman just thought his weakness was kryptonite

3.     He could talk a homeless person out of their change

4.     He could convince Castro to turn Cuba into a democracy

5.     He could convince George Hamilton to stop tanning

6.     An hour with him and Oprah would finally agree to marry Stedman

7.     Want privacy issues on Facebook resolved? Let my boy hang out with Zuckerberg for a few hours

8.     He could convince Dr. Oz that the Big Mac is a healthy alternative

9.     Chuck Norris avoids him at all costs

10.  He could convince MC Hammer to rewrite his famous song to  You Can Touch This

You see the point I’m making here, no? I stumbled onto a poem by Fernando Pessoa that contained this passage:

The world is for those born to conquer it,
Not for those who dream they can conquer it

 And I have no doubt that he will conquer it, indeed