diving in


For those of you who have known me over the years, you're aware that I used to operate a site focused on mothers. I blogged about the ups and downs of parenting and offered professional services. While I was enjoying the success of the site and the many connections I was making, circumstances required me to pull away and deal with other issues (otherwise known as life). It felt right to pull back and I don't regret it.

During my time away from my professional site, I have stayed connected with many friends and maintained that sense of being plugged in through this site. I will continue to publish my photography and soundbites from my writing here. 

A year later, children are all a year older, life is feeling far more settled (no more moves on the horizon!) coupled with having completed more training and furthered my education opportunities,  I am thrilled to be diving back in to a community of amazing women and continuing to make more connections at my new professional site Mother Lode. While my background has afforded me the opportunity to do consulting work for CEO's, CFO's, managers, and other community leaders, my passion for applying my background and training remains in working with mothers. I suppose being the mother of six has influenced this :)

I look forward to offering services designed specifically for moms, providing content that is relevant and will be adding to the site as more projects come to completion...I am truly excited!