Cultivate Kindness with Sprout #6

Sprout #6 now available (the kindness issue)

Kindness begins with you.When you treat yourself with love and respect, kindness naturally flows outward through your words and actions. You can greet the world with gentleness and strength. Genuine kindness, in its simplest form: a touch, a smile, seeing and being seen.And then you realize: even as we each travel our private paths, patching heart-cracks and fighting fear with a battalion of joy--you never, ever walk alone. So many companions surround us, waiting only for an invitation.

I feel truly honored to be a part of this edition of Sprout magazine. In addition to being in the company of Amanda Fall, this edition also puts me in the company of these amazing women:  Liv Lane, Marcie Scudder, Lori Portka, Julia Fehrenbacher, Amy Oscar, Rachel Awes, Maureen Helms Blake, Deb Taylor, De Jackson, Amanda St.Clair, Kollen Harrison, Lynn McLean, Shauntelle Hamlett, Terri Stephens, Shanna Sandmoen

Sprout online magazine: issue six (seeds of kindness) is now available!
Here are the details:

kindness = open heart, willing hands

Wrap yourself in this issue's gentle warmth, finding sweetness and strength:

+ 60 full-color pages (PDF instant download)
+ gorgeous viewed on computers or tablets
+ hand-painted backgrounds
+ handwritten notes from me to you
+ art and photography
+ poetry
+ essays
+ simple kind acts to change your world
+ prompts to cultivate kindness in everyday life

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