how important is it?

"The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity."
~ Andre Gide 

 This question has become my saving grace. it's that simple. period. 

There are always opportunities in our days to over react to something said, done, things left unspoken and left undone. Reacting to this kind of soul snatching minutia distracts from truly enjoying life. 

conflict is a part of life. it's that simple. period.

It's true, humans are, well, we're human. We're multifaceted. We are capable of experiencing a broad range of emotions in the time it takes to  lace up a pair of shoes. We feel things, sometimes not as deeply as we should and other times we let it cut too deeply. 

you can choose how you respond. it's that simple. period.

Now there's an uncomfortable truth eh? You are in complete control over how you respond to other's. That is a remarkably empowering concept. I can choose to engage or pull away. I can choose to take it personal or keep it in its proper perspective. I can choose to lose sleep fretting or I can choose to value my serenity above all else and let it go. There are no winners or losers in conflict. There aren't right feeling and wrong feelings. There aren't right perspectives and wrong perspective. We are individuals with our own ideas, values, and hopes and they don't always coincide with those of the people closest to us.  So there is a choice, let disagreements be divisive and choose to respond accordingly or recognize that disagreements can afford the opportunity for growth in the relationship, if so chosen.

life is too short. it's that simple. period.

Call it growing older or growing up, the key word is growing. At some point a shift occurs, whether it's subtle or a slap in the face, that the quantity of our days pales in comparison to the quality of our days. I want to milk this life for everything I possibly can, one day at a time. One of the tools I can use to help make the most of each day is to pause in the face of conflict and ask

how important is it? it's that simple. period.