today, at the end of your day, make it a point to jot down a small list of things that happened in your day that you are grateful for - then do it again tomorrow and the next day - before you know it your perspective of your own life will be changed and you'll know and feel gratitude for the life you live - gratitude has to be one of the most transformative forces in our universe ‪

just breath

just breath.jpg

some days I just feel so out of sorts.
for every reason under the sun
but nothing in particular.
it's the space between where my heart is leading me that my brain hasn't caught up to.
I can be such a slave to my brain at times.

I'm not really fit for human consumption today
as  I'm working hard to settle into the uncertainty.
and to just breath

Friday's recap!

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Happy Friday! It's hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving and we're a month out from Christmas! I've only just begun my shopping! We'll be spending Thanksgiving visiting family and we're really excited about this. Before we head off for our holiday week ahead I wanted to leave you with a few things I have enjoyed from the world wide web this week- enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

8 Things Unhappy People Refuse to Admit

I love this! What Fatherhood Looks Like

I love this piece on morning rituals that you should be doing!

I do so enjoy Susan Schwake's work- and her web banner is just darling!

I've been sinking into this music these days, finding comfort and inspiration

I've been enjoying Liz Kallochs site lately, filled with so much to look at!

Girls Who Read- pure awesomeness

Finally, if you haven't seen this video yet, well, prepared to be moved and grab your tissue.


don't dream of winning, train for it


Don't dream of winning, train for it

I grew up in a family of runners, my siblings and I seem to always be running, though I have noticed that there are "seasons" of running. Some seasons you opt to run for the health benefit of being aerobic, maintaining your current times and endurance abilities while other seasons you run to challenge yourself, to stretch farther, to race among your peers, to indulge in that runners high (that cannot be described, only experienced) and to in general, to be a bad ass runner that knows that the roads are always open.

This is a shout out to my sister Patti who is killing it right now!


Generosity, The Studio Voice Fall Issue

Happy Monday! I'm excited to share with you the fall issue of The Studio Voice. This issue focuses on the theme Generosity. Today is also my mothers birthday so it felt especially appropriate to share this with the world on this day, my mother is a very generous person in every way. Happy birthday mom!

You can grab your copy here, enjoy!

watching them grow


They arrive, everything we hoped and prayed for, yet we're never fully prepared to experience the intense love we feel in those moments when we first lay eyes on them and hear their voice.
It's the kind of love that can't really be defined,  it's impossible to fully describe, it can only be experienced and it's greater than anything imagined. 
It's bittersweet to watch them grow, celebrating their milestones while trying desperately to hold onto them. Despite the inevitability of it all, we're never ready to let them go. But their lengthening legs and expanding minds serve to remind that growing is exactly what they are doing and letting go is exactly what we must do. After all, it is our job to give them roots.....and wings.
The people they continue to become with each new day brings a sense of peace and renewed faith in this world, knowing that the future belongs to them and from the current view, this gives me hope. 


a birthday post & a re cap


Today is my youngest girls birthday, it's hard to believe she is 9 already! She was my smallest baby, weighing in at 6 lbs and she is still a tiny little thing. Don't let her small size fool you though, she's a little power house and she can hold her own with her brothers. Her heart is super sized- this one is intuitive and has faith that does not faulter- she inspires me with her love of Christ. We are looking forward to celebrating with her this weekend.

I thought I'd also share some good stuff I've book marked from around the web-  

I love this womans positive energy- OR Flash Mob

Marriage isn't for you ....  I recommend this to anyone who is married or is planning to marry

haunting photos  - stunning

for a laugh! - nothing quite like cat shaming  

I love this little ones reaction to her mother singing  

30 things to start doing for yourself - really- you should 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, mucho love! 


nanowrimo ~ an excerpt

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year and thought it would be fun to share some excerpts with you along the way- below is one of these first draft excerpts.

I found myself reflecting  on my own life and how I existed in the world, realizing that my life had felt "normal" but by default. You see, I didn't really have enough experience with others  to base a true comparison.  My way of being in the world was the only way of being that I knew, that is, until everything changed. Afterwards, I  didn't need a basis for comparison to realize my life had turned into a circus side show and I felt like the bearded lady.  Any true security I  held onto slipped through my fingers. There was no point in grasping to hold on to it. There was no going back from this. A door had been opened that could never be closed. The rawness of this reality left me constantly searching the faces of others, determined to find someone flying their freak flag a little higher than my own. I became obsessed with spotting weirdos in the crowd because I needed to feel like someone else had it worse than me. I'd scan the faces of friends and strangers carefully, ready to capture any oddity I could flush out, real or perceived. I'd stare into their eyes like I was exploring the jagged edge of their thoughts for even a slight sign of awkwardness or abnormality. I applied the weirdo label without prejudice.  My desperation was so obvious.